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Thanks for choosing IconGratis. We hope you enjoy our icon sets. Here are collections of toolbar icons, menu icons and other UI elements, as well as extra-large, printable images sized 256x256 and even 512x512 pixels, to design business and communication applications, all kinds of desktop and mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS devices, and web design.

Gratis Icon Editor Para Windows 8

free icon editor Free Icon Editor for Windows 8

Gratis Icon Editor para Windows 8

Download a free icon editor here. It's easy to create and edit icons for some OS with it.

With this free icon maker you can:
  • Create and edit icons in either standard or custom sizes, in color depths up to 16 million colors. Standard icon sizes are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64
  • Create icons with transparency
  • Make Metro icons
  • Make icons for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98 in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel
  • Make PNG icons for mobile software, including iPhone, Android, iPad, Nokia, Windows Phone
  • Design buttons for websites
  • Paint images with pen, brush, airbrush, ellipse, rectangle, line, curve tools
  • Roll, shift and rotate images
  • Import and export .ico, .png, .xpm, .xbm, and .icpr formats
  • Copy and paste images to other applications
  • Test icons
Download Icon Editor
Stock Icons

 Application Design Icons

Perfect Design Icons

 Geolocation Toolbar Icons

geolocation Icons

 Perfect City Icons

Perfect City Icons

 Perfect Doctor Icons

Perfect Doctor Icons

 Professional Icons

Professional Icons

 Glossy Toolbar Icons

Glossy Icons

 Large Weather Icons

Large Weather Icons

 Small Toolbar Icons

Small Toolbar Icons

 Black Menu Icons

Black Icons

 Large People Icons

Large 3d People Icons

 Small People Icons

Small People Icons

 People Icons for Windows

People Icons for Vista

 Small PNG Icons

Small PNG Icons


Benefits of stock icons usage

  • Get your icons immediately after placing an order
  • Save on ordering custom images
  • Get graphics on time, guaranteed!
  • Pay once, use anywhere. All stock icons we offer are royalty-free

Icons for Windows 8

Metro-style icons for application developers and web site designers. The icons are 48 x 48 pixels, mostly transparent, with the actual image centered to the square of 26x26 pixels. Technically, developers get 1186 unique application bar icons for Windows Phone 8 drawn in required style, each coming in PNG file format. Colored versions are available in white, silver, gray, black, red, green, blue, navy, orange, pink, light-blue, light-green, light-red and yellow colors.

 Windows 8 Metro UI Icons

Bar Icons for Windows Phone 8
Bar Icons for Windows Phone 8

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Use bundles to save money

Bundles include a lot of icon sets and a huge amount of icons.

Android Icon Pack

Android icons bundle

All Perfect Icons

web 2.0 icons bundle

Icons for Windows 7 and Vista

Icons for Windows 7 and Vista

All Icon Sets from 777icons.com

All Icon Sets

All Toolbar Icons Bundle

toolbar icons bundle

 High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons

 Hotel App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

Hotel App Tab Bar Icons for iPhone

 App Tab Bar People Icons

App Tab Bar People Icons

 App Icons for iOS

App Tab Bar Icons for iOS

 App Tab Bar Icons for iPhone

App Tab Bar Icons for iPhone

 Perfect Black Icons

Perfect Black Icons

How to save your project from being ruined by graphic designers.

At icongratis.com it will take you about 15 minutes to find everything you need to create a professional interface of your project. This site is an ultimate time and money saver!

Designers. Their artistic nature gives them the 'right', or 'authority', to give their 'works of art' in behind time, to improvise, creating stuff that's not really expected| of them, and to fuss around when it comes to tastes. Artists seem to literally create pain in their boss's heads and empty their pockets by making stuff that sometimes isn't really needed. Farthermore, time is money, and time is what a lot of designers seem to ignore! There are, certainly, good designers out there, but they are too expensive, especially when it comes to the task of making Windows 7 style icons.

Stock Icons for Windows 7

Pictograms are always needed. Icons have the power of representing things. We will always understand the little dog-eared paper on any toolbar meaning the 'New' button. We will always recognize the floppy disk| symbol representing the 'Save' and 'Save As'. And every Internet PC user understands the blue MS Internet Explorer icon. Icons are necessary in applications, on PC desktops, on sites, on food packages, in books, in advert booklets, in website banners, everywhere!

Imagine if you could always have premade designs at hand - Windows 7 icons, theamed icons, toolbar icons, etc. That would mean that you would be able to get what you see, and to get it in a few minutes! No more waiting weeks for a set of Windows 7 style icons or a library of stock icons to be used in your new system utility application for Microsoft Windows 7 or any other system. No more paying clumsy and fussy designers for Windows 7 style icons that aren't nearly Windows 7 style icons, but are regular stock icons.

icongratis.com is the ultimate WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application icon set and program icon pack source. www.icongratis.com holds Windows 7 icons, stock icons, toolbar icons, and other site-development and software icon packs. icongratis.com has plenty of icons available for corporate software companies, individual users and web developers. icongratis.com has an easy interface. The images are comfortably 'packed' and separated by category, and a powerful 'Search and Buy Icon' built-in tool allows you find any single icon or icon collection by simple keywords like 'Windows 7 icons', 'office icons', 'transport icons', 'toolbar icons', etc.

After looking at a preview of an icon and clicking the 'Purchase Icon' button you will get your icon (or set of icons) in no time! You can also press the 'Order Icon' button if the stock icons presented are not quite suitable for you. icongratis.com is always ready to alter stock icons or design new images upon request for your program, website or personal PC interface. icongratis.com's designers and engineers work continiously to bring you advanced and beautiful, customized and original multi-purpose icons. The top-grade tools used in crafting Windows 7 style icons and stock icons will save your time in the first place. Save time, funds and nerves with icongratis.com. Purchase icons today and make your desktop, program, website and anything else look great!

Enter in the Realm of Symbols and Your Programs Will Never Be the Exact Same over Again

This variety of symbols is set to change your universe if you are a engineer. Make use of the several icons available at this web site to give the application which additional edge, get the perfect mix of the actual business logic and the GUI.

What’s more valuable along with a webpage, the actual back end or even the UI? Try as you can, you wouldn't be able to bring to mind a satisfactory answer to this, truth is, that both of these are incredibly important. Getting the accurate combine between your UI and also the back-end of your application is important for every software to work well, countless software’s with terrific efficiency however ordinary User interfaces are finding therefore to their peril.

From time to time people simply don't realise the importance of a good GUI, those that do just don't have the specified technique to develop these. To make your own predicament more shocking are often the very high charges which developers cost of these enhancements. The UI takes a ton of careful work as you have to produce it graphic by image.

Really don't give up hope as we now have the proper answer to help make your undertaking a lot easier, be it icons to get a Windows tool bar, aero people icons, health related designs or another type that you may maybe think about, any thing that the software wants regarding illustrations or photos is actually right here for the use. These images are brought to you in as much as 5 sizes (though this may occasionally count through pack to group), and various other colours, through monochrome in your Windows phone 7 designs for programmers to 32 bit shades for aero people’s designs bunch, aero business designs and several others.

Every single photo that you get has been created by professionals with distinct awareness of depth. These tend to be astonishingly descriptive and very popular with up your eyes. One of the benefits is basically that you wouldn't will need to go to any area for your visual needs when you’ve happen to be here. Using the visuals sensibly in addition to planning all of them on the User interface subsequently can very easily get together a front-end which is worthy of the back-end you’ve written.

The symbols presented allow me to share guaranteed to catch the user’s eye making use of their wonderful representation along with the humorous undertones. A graphic inside the aero people’s bunch demonstrates a business adversary that has a bull’s eye on him or her. You will not only obtain new illustrations or photos for those the normal attributes within these packages, they’ve been created to fulfill every last inspiring impulse of your own. You can find designs for aliens, a super hero and even agents together with typical ones of sales people, health professionals and tooth doctor. It is a multitude of shades which is sure to allow new life for the UI without any rendering it appear the least bit showy.

So examine all these immediately, down load a simulation if you wish to test a few first or maybe purchase for them immediately and then set up all of them this second. Give the app a remodeling.

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